Stunning Classic Casino History of Vegas Through the Ages

Casino History

Though Las Vegas is popularly known as Sin City – a term that enlivens the snazziness of the young and fun Vegas city, at the same time, this city has captured its fair share of history and reforming faces. From the advent of casinos in the 40s to its present stature of being titled as the Entertainment Capital of the World – the array of opportunities that lures gamblers because of the glitz and glamour that charms players. But the question remains answered, how did this evolution occur? Let us scour through history and unravel the elixir.

The 1940s

Although the legalisation of gambling can be traced back to 1931, it was in the 40s that gambling gained momentum. The upswing was succoured in 1941 by the Las Vegas Army Airfield, which augmented football in the city.

Simultaneously, the dawning of Las Vegas to the panorama of Vegas, as witnessed today, was ushered by the Flamingo Hotel and Golden Nugget Casino in 1946. The cherry on the cake to enkindle that entertainment spirit was the inception of clubs like the Monte Carlo, the Eldorado Club, and the Boulder Club.

The 1950s

The 1950s

The 50s bore testament to a thriving Vegas with a booming population that soared by 161%. The prosperity was not restricted to the population alone but also to the swarming of tourists to experience the thrilling nightlife showered by the exuberance of casinos and for the opportunity to observe a nuclear detonation on a quotidian basis at dawn.

The Nevada test site was positioned in a manner that is amorously stroked the casinos, therefore conferring gamblers the luxury of the glamour if casinos while witnessing an explosion. For many, the clandestine penchant was to feast their eyes on a mushroom-cloud smoke hanging in the air – a perfect epilogue for a charming night.

The way of life in Vegas reflected the glorious casinos and the linchpin of attraction being the romantic potential attached to the place.

The 1960s

The dreamy charm of the 60s was one that captivated the soul. This nostalgia mirrored the magic of dazzling lights that each tourist roistered. The impact was colossal such that the enchantment it promised is manifested in their eyes and smile.

The 60s observed the magnificence of the Vegas Strip; action shifted from downtown to the Strip. The ramping up of the Strip dawned with the inception of Caesar’s Palace and the purchase of Flamingo Hotel by Kirk Kerkorian, the godfather of Las Vegas.

The 1970s

The Strip was recognised across the globe with thriving young people revelling in the casinos. The place had the official tagline of entertainment with MGM Grand Hotel and Casino emerging in 1973.


The 1980s

The genesis of a golden era for the US was witnessed after the tragedy of MGM in flames that took 85 lives. Eventually, it reopened as Bally’s Las Vegas resort. The transformation continued in the Strip, with the economy reviving after the culmination of the Cold War. The other resorts that sprung up were Tropicana and Marina high-rise resorts, and the entry of Mirage in 1989 was an impetus.

The 1990s

The fastest sprawling state was Nevada in 1990 with its vigour and zest at the epitome. The year 1990 had turned Vegas to a more family-friendly place with the inception of the Excalibur Hotel. The focus on enchantment was observed in 1993 with the opening of the Luxor Pyramids.


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